Business Law

Changes, mergers, administrati­on, liquidation, relations between the sharehol­ders of the companies

  • corporate law (changes, mergers, administrati­on, liquidation, transfer of the business assets to a shareholder, relations between the sharehol­ders of the companies)
  • contractual law (preparation of the particular contract or integrated contractual documenta­tions being basis for the legal realization of the project, its assessment from the scope of view of the interest of individual party, due diligences, legal opinions)
  • securities' law (transfers of securities, commer­cial papers as a instrument of the security, the shares subscriptions, the law of exchange and checks)
  • law for Protection of Competitions (unfair corn -petition, merger control and action on concen­trations, representation before Antimonopoly Office)
  • bank Law (investments, acquisitions, loans and credits)